The idea of “TomLikesBest’ came into our mind while arguing about how to choose certain products. So, I thought, why we all waste so much time by ourself looking for valuable information in order to make the right purchase decision. If we want to purchase something we don’t have to much knowledge about, we do research – or at least I do 🙂

So, why not writing down what products me and my friends consider buying. That’s why you will find a wide range of product reviews here – anything from gadgets to music or household products. We all need different stuff in our lives!

No doubt that most of the people follow recommendations from their family, friends, mentors, and spouse. Few of them can manage their time to research for the right product online. Believe me, researching and finding the right product online is a huge pain!.

Well, I wanted to make life easier not only for me but also for you! That’s why I started – why not documenting our research? We do it anyway! I want to share, which products me and my friends are researching online, and what we took into consideration and why.