The Simply Fit Board and everything you need to know about it

There have been a lot of products over the years that claim to provide new and diverse ways to exercise, from hand shakers to abs-crunching devices to home-gym systems.

But how do you know if they’re really good or just a smart marketing scam? Well, that’s what I’m here for.

Like others before, The Simply Fit Board maintains it will have you looking better and feeling fitter. But does it really help to lose weight?  How does it actually work? And what do others say about it?

The story of the Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is an advanced version of the original balance board, which gained admiration ever since it was shown on Shark Tank.

The sharks were impressed and the mother-daughter team Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman got an offer from Lori Greiner, the “Queen of QVC”, of $125,000 for a 20% share in the business. These ladies were not only innovators, but sharp businesswomen as well and pushed for an 18% take. Lori agreed with little objection.

The QVC boost

The team, and their now popular product, soon appeared on QVC. Only a day after broadcasting, they sold a respectable three semi-trailers worth of merchandise, which was basically all the stock they had.

After that, following a commercial campaign to market the device, the team stated to have made $1 million in sales. Less than a year later, that figure became $9 million. Very impressive, and I guess it would be appropriate to say, well done ladies!

Does it really work?

The best way to describe the way a balance board (also called wobble board) functions is to imagine the way a see-saw works. Like two people who sit on opposite ends of the see-saw, the user will place his legs at the ends of the board.

The aim is to remain standing on the balance board without the sides touching the ground, and without falling off. As a result, balancing skills are enhanced dramatically.

What makes the Simply Fit Board unique?

Similar in shape to a skateboard or snowboard, the Simply Fit Board is a balance board with a clever difference – it twists. By adding the twisting motion, the creators improved the concept of a balance board for core, muscle and cardiovascular workouts.

The dual-function adds a new level of versatility and intensity to workouts previously done on the typical balance board. Therefore it is also used by athletes for training, recreation and muscle rehabilitation.

Here’s a video by Gloria, the creator of the board, explaining how to get started with it:


It trains the body and the mind

One of the effects that first time users usually experience is the feeling of falling. Leaning too far or fast, creates a falling sensation, which in turns heightens our sense of fear and triggers our reflexes into over-drive. By adapting to the movement, you get a full-body workout while enhancing balance and coordination

Is it really a fat burner?

The short answer is: it can be. If you just stand on the board and twist left and right, it will strengthen your core and it is a good workout. It won’t help you really lose weight this way though.

To really get the most out of it you have to add more to your workout. Thankfully there are a lot of workout videos on YouTube done by the company itself and by many others. More on that a bit later. For now, let’s see what customers say about the board.

If you’re looking for before and after results photos of people that tried it, they’re hard to find. I guess most people are just not comfortable sharing their before shots. However we found some. Here’s a photo of Gloria comparing her body before and after the 4 week ab challenge. And then there’s Olivia’s 21 day challenge, where she posted some before pics and (as a response to me asking how it turned out) a comment about the results she got (spoiler: she list 17 pounds!).

What users say about it – complaints and praises

OK, it all sounds good, but what do people that have actually used it have to say?

Regarding the twisting, customers have stated that you definitely work every muscle of the core of your body. Some say it effectively builds up your heart rate, working up a good sweat. It is very convenient and saves a fortune of time and money, as you don’t need to travel to the gym or pay for membership. That sounds right and I guess is the whole point of working out at home.

Based on consumer feedback from Facebook, leading consumer websites, as well as comments on Youtube, the Simply Fit Board seems to perform as claimed. But there are some aspects that were received in a more negative light.

Let me sum these up for you, but keep in mind that by no means am I trying to discredit the product at all. I only want to provide you with all the vital information, good and bad, in order for you to come to your own honest opinion.

One of the most mentioned negative feedbacks was regarding the shipping. Especially in the first days and weeks after being featured on QVC, the creators had trouble satisfying the high demand.

That seems to have gotten a lot better and especially if you buy it through Amazon, you shouldn’t have any trouble receiving your order in time. Plus you can get free shipping for it.
If you really need to have it today, you can always go down to your local Walmart and purchase it there.

An additional claimed shortcoming is that users have stated that they are scared of falling off. This is understandable, but let’s be honest, that is the point. Without the “fear of falling” you are not prompted into retaining your balance or improving it. Therefore the purpose is defeated. So, with this one, I have to say that I disagree.

All in all it has received very good reviews on different pages. It has a 4.1 average rating on Amazon (with nearly 1000 reviews!), which is not easily achieved.

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Accessories for the Simply Fit Board

As stated before, the Simply Fit Board is a very good piece of workout equipment. If you just use it by itself it will help you improve your balance and strengthen your core.

To get the most out of it though, you might want to consider these accessories:


Using dumbbells will maximize the results of your workout. To see how to best use them check out the exercises below.

You can buy them as singles in many different sizes and colors. I would recommend the CAP Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbell. Make sure to check the different size/color combinations if your desired size isn’t available.

Or you can get the AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand which contains several different sizes. Another plus is the neat stand which not only looks good but is guaranteed to keep your dumbbells together and stored safely.

Workout mat

Depending on which surface you will use your board on, I really recommend putting a mat under it to protect the floor. Hardwood floor might be vulnerable to scratches and dents from the board.

Simply Fit offers a matching workout mat, but you really could just put any other mat under your balance board. Just make sure it’s skid resistant so you can’t slip and fall of it.

Workout DVDs

For the sake of completeness it is worth mentioning that Simply Fit also offers workout DVDs. You can choose between three different workouts:

  • 21 Day Challenge DVD
  • Core & Buns DVD
  • Low Impact DVD

If you like to workout in your living room in front of your TV and have a DVD player, these DVDs might be perfect to you. However in my opinion they are not necessary because there are lots of exercise videos available on YouTube. Check out the exercise section below.

Alternatives to consider

On the whole, the Simply Fit Board is an excellent exercise device and does what it is meant to efficiently.

However, certain factors such as price, weight capacity and durability play an important role in determining which balance board to purchase. Below are some nice alternatives which I found have particular features which may be more suitable for your specifications.
Image of the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

One of the noticeable advantages of the Revolution 101 is its-ease-of-use. It makes it ideal for beginners who are in the initial stages of their new training routine.

It also provides full freedom of movement, as there are no grooves or indents. The inventive roller stops allow for superb control.

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Image of Fitaboo Wood Wobble BoardFitaboo Wood Wobble Board (16″)

The Fitaboo Wood Wobble Board is a balance board to consider if you are fit and in relatively good-shape.

It assists in increasing lower-body strength, which in turn improves stability and coordination.

You can also use it for push-ups, which adds another element of versatility.

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Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Balance Board

Image of Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Balance BoardThe Brand Deluxe can be modified for 2 levels of difficulty by simply attaching or removing the adaptor cone. This is an essential feature in that it allows you to progress through your workout gradually.

It’s built out of heavy-duty, durable Polyethylene. And the best part – It’s cheap. Great choice if you are on a tight budget.

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Image of Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance BoardRevolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Ideal for professional snowboarders and skateboarders, as you can perform kick flips, 360 degree flips, and any other big-air tricks.

The roll control feature holds the roller underneath the board, allowing for more successful and consistent landings. It is made out of highly-durable maple and specially designed to absorb heavy impact. Therefore it is suitable for heavy users.

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Your own body

While balance boards are very useful for balancing exercises, there are other ways to do it using nothing but your own body. The Mayo Clinic has put together a slideshow of very useful balance exercises you might want to try.


Simply Fit Board exercise workouts

As mentioned above, and verified with research, the addition of the twisting motion does make a difference and provision for a wide range of good workouts. You can focus on specific areas and muscles of the body or, if you have the stamina, do them all in one stretch.

These workouts can give you those rock-hard abs, help you lose weight, stay in shape and improve your balance. Most importantly, you can do them easily from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Abs workout

The abs are the most complicated muscles to mold. Actually, everyone has well-built abs, but it’s the overlying excess fat that hides them. This workout will help reduce the amount of fat in this area, revealing the sculpted abs that lie underneath.

  1. Start out with the basic twist which targets the lower part of the body, in particular the abs. Ideally you hold a light dumbbell in each hand while doing this workout.
  2. After that, get into a push-up position and begin bringing in your knees in towards your chest, as if you are climbing up stairs lying down.
  3. Begin to point your knees outwards, in a frog-like manner.
  4. Gradually increase the pace with each exercise.

Take a look at this clip to get an idea:

Back workout

The stronger your back, the stronger the core of your body. A well-developed, firm back also results in better posture and breathing, as well as less visits to the chiropractor. This particular workout utilizes the Simply Fit Board to concentrate on your entire area of your back, triggering all muscles to move, develop and ultimately strengthen.

  1. Once again begin with a plain twisting motion with the use of dumbbells.
  2. After you feel a sufficient burn in your lower back, begin squatting and lifting your body upwards to a straight, fixed position.
  3. Perform this several times, still utilizing dumbbells, until you feel your back muscles burning.
  4. After that, move on to reverse-standing flies. Lean slightly forward and pull your arms back while gripping the dumbbells. You will begin to feel your muscles flexing throughout your back.
  5. Repeat and increase speed.

This clip demonstrates what you should aim towards:

Gluteus (or butt) workout

Most people, especially ladies, want a firm, lifted butt. The gluteus muscle workouts with the Simply Fit Board are ideal for achieving this. Remember, that the gluteus is a fatty muscle and therefore requires as much toning, as it does building. Typical workouts for this region are well-known, but are enhanced considerably with the Simply Fit Board and therefore more effective.

  1. As before, start with a regular twisting motion, this time for a warm up.
  2. Start by squatting, as with the back workout, holding the dumbbells close to your chest.
  3. Lay on the ground with only your shoulders touching the floor and your feet placed on each end of the board.
  4. Begin raising your body upwards until you feel a tightening sensation in your gluteus region.
  5. Hold your body in the raised position and rock the board with your feet.
  6. Next, assume the push-up position and lift your legs backwards with your shins at a 90 degree angle.
  7. Continue with a few repetitions, without your knees touching the ground.

Take a look this clip for assistance:

Core workout

A popular workout for many Simply Fit Board users that works out the central core of the body, as well as the legs and thighs. The core is the centerpiece for any physique and the more well-defined and strong it is, the better you will look all all-round.

  1. Start with a warm up by twisting, as with the previous workouts.
  2. Take on the push-up position and hold your body up for 10 seconds, like a plank.
  3. Follow this with 10 repetitions of pushing your lower body upwards, also known as plank spikes.
  4. Then carry out 10 plank jacks. These are similar to jumping jacks, but done lying down and only moving your legs.
  5. Follow this with 10 repetitions of crossing each leg over the other, while still in the push-up stance.

You can also add in plank walks, kicks and knee-ups. It would be best to look at this clip, as this is a very dynamic workout.

Full body workout

If you’re looking for a full body workout, the Simply Fit Board is versatile enough to focus on all areas of the body. If you just change your stance, you are presented with a number of directions to take your workout. By using the Simply Fit Board, you learn more about your body and the exercises and movements that best hit the regions you are looking at working on.

Take a look at this really nice clip from Rosalie Brown, where she shows a whole bunch of exercises and combinations. Additionally, be sure to take a look at her YouTube channel. She has become recognized for doing lots of workout videos and has appeared on TV as well.

Closing thoughts and opinion

At tImage of Simply FIt Board in actionhe end of the day, the Simply Fit Board is not a massive, heavy piece of gym equipment made for Iron Man competitors. Rather it’s a neat, lightweight and compact exercise device that is ultra-versatile. Therefore, in terms of a clear-cut training product, it performs as it should.

My opinion? Go out and get yourself one, it’s a wise investment.

With that said, thanks for reading and stay healthy!

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