Home is where the workout is

We all strive for a great-looking body accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. But let’s be honest – not all of us have the time, patience or energy to make our way over to the gym for an intense workout session every two days.

The answer to this problem comes in the form of the Total Gym – a forerunner in home gym systems. Just take a few minutes to indulge your curiosity. After all, if you’re like me, you’re not on your way to the gym anytime soon. Here we go!

What are home gyms?

Home gyms are single pieces of equipment which allow you to take part in all exercises which you would usually take on at the gym. By way of simple maneuvering, you can switch from muscle building to all-round toning, eliminating the need for additional weights, dumbbells or bars. In a nutshell, they take all fundamental pieces of gym equipment and cram it into one highly-efficient and easy to use device specifically designed for you to use at home.

Of course you can always add more equipment and extend your home gym. If you’re wondering why to build a home gym at all instead of going to a public one, here are 18 reasons for it.

What makes the Total Gym any better than others?

The market is certainly stocked with home gym solutions all claiming to deliver the best results. However, there are a few reasons why the Total Gym takes the familiar home gym system up a notch. This makes considerable difference and separating it from the rest.

Total Gym WorkoutFirstly, the Total gym offers an impressive 80 different and specific exercises, all targeting particular areas of the body. Now just so you can grasp what 80 exercises means think of how many exercise variations you personally engage in when at a public gym. It’s almost certain that you won’t come up with more than 10. So that amount eight fold? Well, that just speaks for itself.

Secondly, and what I found most useful, is the way the system utilizes your body weight as a means of resistance. There is no better way to achieve results, whether muscle or fitness-wise, than incorporating your own weight. Most exercises in general use body weight as an indication of how to progress as well, for example in bench-pressing or squats. The Total Gym integrates this rule into each model making for an all-important benefit.

Thirdly is variety. If you are looking to partake in stretching exercises, strength-building or cardio development, it can all be done. Whether you are a seasoned gym devotee or new to the game, it’s imperative to know that a well-balanced routine is vital. If you are focused on building muscle mass then a good amount of cardio is recommended. While if you are looking to build-up your core strength you are going to need the heavy weight aspect too. And both before and after workouts it is crucial to stretch. Once again, the Total Gym provides you with it all.

There are more reasons such as how easy it is to move around and store away. But on the whole the Total Gym takes the usual home gym system and turns it up a notch by adding new features and improving on older ones.

The legendary Chuck Norris uses it

Chuck Norris uses the Total GymDon’t just take my word for it, how does the endorsement of Chuck Norris sound? Yes Chuck Norris, the guy who went up against Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon, the Karate champion who holds as many Dans than as Sensei and the man who is pushing 80 years of age and somehow looks no older than 50. Chuck has been using the Total Gym for the past 30 years and has mentioned this in the system’s infomercials – and you can’t deny what shape he is in.

Not one, but many models to choose from

Total Gym XLS

This all-inclusive system offers 80 exercises as mentioned for stretching, strength and cardio while steering towards all major muscle groups.

A nice addition is the Ab Crunch attachment. This bench allows for an intense abdominal workout to successfully shed excess weight which conceals the abdominal muscles to effectively shape, harden and reveal them.

Likewise, the system withstands 400 pounds of weight for even the heaviest users and is jointly suitable for the beginner and professional alike of all ages. The XLS also includes a top-notch ribbed squat stand, training deck and leg pull add-on.

Additional benefits and features

  • Nutritional planning guide
  • 5 workout routine DVD’s
  • Highly-effective wing attachment
  • Easy to fold up for convenient storage

Total Gym Fit

One of the newer Total Gym models, the Fit offers twice as much resistance as the other models. This means that you are provided with a further 6 levels of resistance to literally take your workout to the next level, or six levels for that matter.

The Fit also comes with a set of handy accessories including a wing attachment composed of two parts for a wider range of motion and detachable brackets and ankle cuffs for the leg pull accessory.

This model too comes with the advantageous Ab Crunch attachment for added enhancement.

Additional benefits and features

  • Upgraded squat stand
  • No assembly is needed
  • Modern and stylish design

Total Gym GTS

OK, just to be clear, each Total Gym model is designed in a specific way to assist you in achieving your fitness goals and they are all effective. However, the amount of additions included in the GTS makes it a sure candidate for one of the best home gym systems out there in my opinion.

Its 22 resistance levels and interchangeable hydraulic rail lifts alone should justify this statement. But there’s more to look forward to. There are automated rail locks for plyometric jumping routines and a LAT bar with 6 positons. These features bump up the 80 exercise capabilities to a whipping 200. That’s not only impressive, it’s unparalleled.

Additional benefits and features

  • Optimizable squat stand
  • Handy exercise chart
  • Workout DVD

Total Gym Force

The Total Gym force is yet another superb entry to the Total Gym series with over 60 exercises to take on. By focusing on major upper and lower body muscles from the pectorals to the calves, you won’t miss a single muscle requiring attention. It sports 12 levels of resistance for more intense workouts and can withstand 350 pounds of weight. It is further secured by auto-locking height adjustments knobs.

All necessary workout accessories are included such as wing attachments, pulleys and dip and push-up bars. The quality padded cushioning and soft nylon strap handles provide extra comfort.

Additional benefits and features

  • Includes an in-depth meal plan and exercise flip chart
  • Comes with the best-selling Ab Crunch attachment
  • Ideal for building strength
  • Highly-durable design and robust frame

Does it really work?

The best way to answer this question would be to ask yourself what type of person you are. Not in terms of whether you are serious about getting in shape or not, that’s a given as the Total Gym system is perfect for that. Rather know whether you prefer to work out in the solitude of your home or at the gym, and if you have the time to follow through with your routine before or after work. If you do opt for the public gym approach you need to take this into consideration.

The sole purpose of the Totaltotal gym before and after google search Gym is to offer you an effective way to workout at home while offering all the resources found at the gym, if not more. However, some people enjoy the feeling of cold metal in their hands, interacting with other gym enthusiasts and the sounds of bars, pulleys and treadmills which is perfectly fine.

On the other hand, if you are overwhelmed by long days and busy schedules and simply can’t find the energy or time to voyage to the gym, then yes, the Total Gym is as effective as home gyms come. Their broad scope of exercises and variations and all-round versatility and flexibility uphold all their statements and allow for workouts that deliver results.

What do users have to say about it?

Total Gym Success StoriesThe Total Gym has received wide acclaim with barely any negative comments. Not to say that products don’t have their flaws, but the Total Gym has garnered enough positivity to feel confident to go with them. It has embedded users with the motivation needed to go ahead with their workouts.

Among the many opinions, the XLS has come out as a favorite among users looking for building muscle. They have cited attachable accessories and the utilization of 100% of body weight as major factors. Interestingly enough, women have mentioned a fear of building up too much bulk via full-weight orientated workouts, but found that with the Total Gym they toned and tightened up which is what they were looking for. Others have mentioned a reduction in calorie count and considerable weight loss.

The only bit of criticism would be regarding muscle-building. If you are primarily into building massive muscles, then you may find the Total Gym useful initially but somewhat limited as you progress. In this case it may be a better idea to head off to the gym and use the Total Gym for the cardio portions of your workout. But on a whole, the overall effectiveness of this system cannot be doubted – It does work wonders.

Total Gym accessories to take a look at

Ab Crunch

This renowned piece of equipment is specifically designed to build your abs and can be attached to your Total Gym system. It provides you with 10 fun and effectual exercises from sit-ups to crunches while focusing on core strength.

Padded Squat Stand

Squats play a crucial role in building up the legs. This specific squat stand assists in slimming and stretching your legs. Most importantly, is easy on joints which receive punishment such as in the knees, ankles and lower back.

Cyclo Trainer

Excellent for warm-ups and cardio workouts, the Cyclo Trainer increases your metabolism and burns calories. As well as that, your back is well-supported throughout. Go ahead and check out the customer reviews on Amazon about the Cyclo Trainer for more information.

6 – 8 Minute Workout DVD

As the name implies, you’re given top-notch workouts that can be done in just 6 to 8 minutes each day. The DVD includes 6 workouts for men and 6 for women and which are instructed by personal trainers Rosalie Brown and John Carleo.

Some useful exercises and videos to take a look at

The famous fitness coach Rosalie Brown teamed up with Chuck Norris to present a lot of different exercises. It’s definitely worth watching this video:

One happy user indulges us with 7 reasons for loving the Total Gym.

An excellent video to add to your DVD collection showing key strength training routines for both men and women.

Looking for Stallone-type biceps? This video shows you how to get muscular arms with the Total Gym.

A great way to shed that excess belly fat we all despise.


The hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle unfortunately deters us from paying attention to our health. So, if you’ looking for a way to continue working out without any detours, you’ll find it with the Total Gym. Whether you are consumed by your job, occupied with taking care of the kids or understandably lazy (like me), this revolutionary system is just what you need.

Let me wrap up by saying that it’s been a while since I’ve found such convenient and innovative training equipment. With that said remember to keep fit, healthy and take care!

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